Youth Services

Jefferson/Franklin Consortium youth services are provided to improve the long-term job opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth ages 16 to 24 years. The program encourages high school completion or enrollment in high school equivalency programs and preparation for post-secondary education. To increase a youth's employability skills, the following youth activities may be offered:

  • Career preparation programs which provide vocational training for high school students
  • Pre-employment programs targeted to high school dropouts to provide GED preparation, work readiness and life skills
  • Occupational skills training to provide technical and job specific training
  • Work experience which provides a short-term work assignment to enhance employability through the development of good work habits and basic work skills
  • Basic skills training to upgrade basic skills and prepare for further training
  • Summer Employment opportunities provides summer employment and job readiness training

To apply for one or more of these programs, visit our Application page! For more information on any of these programs, contact us!