Apply for Services

If you are eligible, you may be enrolled in one or more of these services:

  • Summer jobs for youth
  • Work Experience 
  • Occupational Skills Training
  • On-the-Job Training 

You can download the application at the top of this page. You will need to submit the following items with your application to qualify for the program:

  • Proof of Birthdate/Age - examples are copy of your birth certificate, driver's license, baptismal record, hospital record, or school record.
  • Proof of Citizenship - examples are birth certificate, baptismal or hospital record showing place of birth.
  • Proof of Social Security Number - examples are social security card, driver's license, W-2 or check stubs.
  • Proof of Total Family Income for the Last Six Months - examples are copies of wage stubs, employer letters, social security letters, public assistance letters, or other proof of income for each member of your household.
  • Proof of Family Size - examples are copies of birth certificates, court records, lease/HUD agreement, marriage certificate.
  • Proof of Selective Service Registration (if applicable) - copy of selective service registration card or letter.
  • Must register on - Call Missouri Job Center if assistance is required.

 Mail the completed application to:

WIOA Program Application

Missouri Job Center

3675 West Outer Rd. Suite 102

Arnold, MO 63010

Our staff will contact you once your application is reviewed.