Adult/Dislocated Services

Adults and Dislocated Workers (those workers that have lost their jobs due to plant closings or workforce reductions) can receive assistance though the Job Centers to help them obtain employment.

The services available are:

Work Keys: Work Keys is an assessment to identify an individual's reading and math skill levels. Work Keys results will help individuals be successful in their job search and help determine where additional training is needed in order to become employed. Work Keys provides a complete spectrum of job analysis, assessment, instructional support and referrals for training programs.

Work Experience: The Work Experience program provides exposure to the world of work and meaningful, supervised work experience at approved non-profit and public agencies within Jefferson and Franklin counties for a limited period of time. WIOA eligible individuals will be paid through the program as they develop good work habits and basic work skills. Work experience programs may be combined with other WIOA programs such as Occupational Skills Training, Work Readiness Skills Training and/or GED preparation/basic skills upgrading.

On-The-Job Training: For those customers certified eligible for financial assistance, accepted and enrolled into the WIOA program, the following services may be available (Eligibility does not guarantee program enrollment. Services are subject to fund availability.) The On-The-Job Training (OJT) program provides an opportunity to learn new skills while working for a public/private employer. Individuals who do not possess a marketable skill will be trained by the employer through a contract agreement. Employers who hire and train WIOA eligible individuals may be reimbursed up to one half of the employees wage during the period of training to cover the training costs. OJT participants are paid at the same rates, including benefits and periodic increases, as similar employees. OJT training cannot be in positions with an excessive rate of turnovers. Individuals must not be trained by employers that they have previously been employed with. Occupations where individuals have directly related experience do not qualify for the OJT program.

Occupational Skills Training: The Occupational Skills Training program provides the technical skills and competencies required to perform a specific job. Individuals who do not possess a marketable skill may be trained in order to enter the workforce and earn a livable wage. WIOA training must be for occupations that are stable or growing and are directly linked to employment opportunities in the local area. Training must be provided by private or public institutions approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. A list of WIOA eligible training providers is available through the MOSCORES hotlink ( The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program provides assistance in paying for the cost of tuition, fees and supplies for occupational skills training programs that qualify.

To apply for one or more of these programs, visit our Application page! For more information on any of these programs, contact us!